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Bok Tower Gardens, Lake Wales

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Louis Yamonico

This wonderful oasis and botanical garden is found in Polk County. It was just by chance we were driving towards another destination that we seen the sign for this place and made a quick left turn. I had seen a picture of the singing tower once before and stored it into my memory bank as a place I wanted to go and recognized the name. We were very glad we stopped.

“During visits from their Pennsylvania residence to their winter retreat near Lake Wales, Florida, Mr. Bok became enchanted with the beauty and vistas from nearby Iron Mountain. At 295 feet above sea level, one of peninsular Florida’s highest points, Iron Mountain offered views of dramatic sunsets. Awed by the tranquility of the area, he wanted to create a place that would “touch the soul with its beauty and quiet,” and chose it as the perfect setting for a bird sanctuary. He purchased land to transform into a sweeping landscape of lush gardens featuring a majestic Singing Tower housing a 60-bell carillon. Originally called Mountain Lake Sanctuary and Singing Tower, he presented this extraordinary gift to the American people Feb. 1, 1929 as an enduring token of his appreciation for the opportunities he had been given.”…Bok Tower Gardens History.

While the cost is kind of pricy at 24$ a person this place is a unique opportunity in Florida for some amazing pictures. unfortunately the park closes to early to catch the sunset here but you will still see some beautiful sites first and foremost being the singing tower. There are also over 30 species of endangered plants in the gardens as well as a wide array of plants and trees here making this one of the most beautiful natural places to visit in Florida. With around 250 acres of land bring your walking shoes to this destination.

The Singing tower stands at 205 feet tall and was built in 1929. The tower was constructed of pink and gray marble from Georgia and coquina stone from St. Augustine. There is also a Café that has a good reputation but we arrived late so decided on another location to eat. The tower and views you will see here are one of a kind for Florida and while expensive, worth the price of admission.

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