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Brevard County Zoo, Melbourne

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Louis Yamonico

Brevard zoo is an independent, not-for-profit organization that receives no recurring government funding for our operating costs. These people really care for the animals here and it shows by the amount of volunteers you see here. They want to be here and maybe that is the biggest difference between this and other zoos here in Florida. Brevard Zoo is home to more than 900 animals representing 195 species from all over the world. There is a wide selection of animals and the scenery here and staged natural habitats most animals are in are breathtaking.

This zoo was fantastic! The settings and scenery were just amazing. a really beautiful park. There was plenty of animal interaction as well. The highlight which was getting to feed the giraffes. Sure it was just a small piece of lettuce but being so close to those majestic creatures was really amazing. We skipped the rhino encounter as we did get a better more up close look at rhinos at another place. The bird aviary was also a nice encounter and worth the extra $2 to feed them and have them landing all over you trying to get some food.

The zoo is broken up into sections. You have Expedition Africa, Lands of Change, Wild Florida, Caribbean Trail, Rainforest Revealed, and Pawn On. Each section will take you around 20 minutes or more depending on how long you like to sit and observe each animal. From talking to a few of the volunteers the zoo is constantly changing and having events so membership is the way to go if this place is near you. Also have some cash on hand in this park as there are a few things you will want to do that require additional pay like feeding the animals or riding the train. The train ride was a bit disappointing as it was very shorts but you did get a close up look at a small group of animals. Everything else was behind foliage and you could not see them very well. or 4$ a piece extra We were expecting a longer more eventful ride. We are hoping they improve this aspect of the park.

The park also has a playground, beach and pool/splashpad for children. The kids we seen here were really enjoying themselves.

The added gentleman in the pics with us for this trip is an old childhood friend on mind named Jay. We really enjoyed having him with us on the trip and it was nice to have an extra person to help with picture taking. This zoo goes to the top of this list of animal encounters we have experienced here in Florida and the beautiful nature the park is surrounded by make this place a true Florida Hotspot.

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