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Central West Florida
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Louis Yamonico

The Chop Block Grill puts Brooksville Florida on the map as a destination for travelers looking for great places to eat and visit. Brooksville may be a little known town in Florida but here is a bit of history on it. Brooksville, the County Seat of Hernando County for more than one hundred years, was originally known as Melendez and was settled about 1845. A map printed in 1855 shows the town of Melendez as being the Capital of Benton County, now Hernando County. Well enough about Brooksville lets get to the Chop Block Grill and the amazing experience my wife and I had there.

First I must warn you make reservations for this restaurant a day in advance. We were fortunate to get a table by being the first 4 PM arrival but they were hesitant to give us one and we seen why as it got very busy very fast. We soon learned why. The meal started off with some complimentary buttered breadsticks that were fresh baked and delicious. We read some reviews about the soups here so we were anxious to try them. We were not disappointed at all, in fact as great as everything was I have to admit the soups were the highlight of the meal. Quennie had the French Onion soup and I must say it was the best I ever tasted. For those who do not know it is a classic French dish made with caramelized onions and beef stock or broth. The soup is topped with bread and cheese, then gratinéed to rich, gooey perfection. I had my favorite soup which is the New England Clam Chowder. This was also fantastic and reminded me of when I was a young man living in New York and my father took me on a trip to New England and I ate it there. Although that will always be my fondest memory of this comfort food I could not tell you which soup was better. On to the Entrees.

For our meals Quennie tried the 12oz Ribeye steak cooked medium well with a side of au gratin potatoes. She absolutely loved the steak. Of course I tried it and it was very nicely seasoned and cooked to a perfect temperature. She also really enjoyed the potatoes which I did not try as I am not big on every sort of cheese, however I am confident you can take my wife’s word for it that it was amazing. For my dinner I went with the Wild Caught Mahi Mahi grilled and with the recommended pineapple mango salsa on top. On the side I went with the Asparagus instead of the rice because I am trying to watch my carbs. I certainly wasn’t disappointed by the giant asparagus stalks I received which were grilled and buttered to perfection. Not to mention how delicious and succulent the Mahi Mahi was. The sauce was certainly the perfect compliment to the fish without being overpowering.

Overall this is certainly a five star hot spot. The only lower grade I could give them was for value because of the high prices. But as with most things you get what you pay for and an exceptional meal like this is worth the extra in our opinion.

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