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Crocovia Polish Restaurant, Spring Hill

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Louis Yamonico

Right in our home town of Spring Hill we found this authentic, throwback in time, Polish restaurant. I must say I am guilty of passing by this place numerous times thinking Polish food? can it really be that good? Well we decided to give it a try and were pleasantly surprised.

First of all the atmosphere in this restaurant is top notch. Decorated like a castle of medieval times it really takes you to another time and place and the staff here treat you like nobility. It is worth dining here to experience this alone. Our waitress herself was born in Poland and I think that may be the case with all the employees as well. She was very helpful with the menu and describing the foods to us. In the end we stuck with things that were familiar.

Dinner began with a basket of fresh baked delicious bread. Quennie ordered the Potato and Farmers Cheese Pierogies as her dinner. Although these are slated as an appetizer they are very filling. They come fried with a bit of sauteed onions on top. She really enjoyed this dish especially the onions. I ordered the Shabowy, which is breaded Pork Loin with mushrooms on top served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. This was a familiar dish to me from my time living in Germany as it compared to the German Schnitzel. The dish was very good and the portion sizes are large. I do not care for the sauerkraut but Quennie enjoyed it. Quennie also got a desert which was a special white chocolate and berry cake shaped as a heart. This was a fantastic way to end a really good meal.

The pricing is average for restaurants in the area with signature dishes running between 21-26 dollars. The portion sizes are large so it explains the pricing especially when other restaurants seem to be shrinking portion sizes and raising prices. Overall this is a must stop for people looking for something new and exciting to try. We can’t wait to go back.

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