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Central Florida
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Louis Yamonico

One of the 4 theme parks of Disney, Hollywood Studios was my favorite one. Ok I admit I have been a Star Wars fan since I was 5 years old when the very first movie came out so that helps. Even if you do not know all the lore of the movies the park is very enjoyable. There are some pretty thrilling sites to see and rides to enjoy. We started our day by watching the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! That was quite the way to kick things off and get us in the proper mood for the day. Some pretty thrilling stunts and spectacular special effects including large explosions. Don’t worry it is rather safe but you will actually feel the heat of the flames. It is really a great behind the scenes type looks at a marvelous stunt team.

After that it was on to the world of Star Wars. Once you walk into a galaxy far far away you will actually feel transported to another world. There are so many sites to see here as well as a few virtual reality rides to enjoy including a wild ride in the Millennium Falcon. Meeting Darth Vader was also a highlight of the day and one that was rather intimidating. there are plenty of shops for souvenirs and many movie props and well as sets that take you to another world or two. Quennie who is not a Star Wars buff like myself enjoyed the park immensly.

Then it was onto the magical world of Toy Story. While this part of the park was geared more towards children we could see why it is so enjoyable for them. There are plenty of rides and playgrounds here for the little ones to enjoy.

The park has a few more stand alone rides like the Hollywood Tower Hotel and also some shows to see. Be prepared to spend most of the day here and night too if you are bringing the little ones with you. This is an outstanding place to spend the day in Florida but the price is pretty hefty.

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