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Gatorland, Orlando

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Louis Yamonico

The premier Gator attraction in Florida, Gatorland has it all when it comes to alligators and crocodiles here in Florida. There is even some albino gators here at the park which is pretty awesome to see. They have been around since 1949 and have gators that are over 14 feet long. But gators are not all you will see here.

We enjoyed feeding the two giant Albert Tortoises that they have here as well as watching the shows they put on. They also have Bobcats, a bird aviary, snakes and critters natural to Florida, and a small petting zoo. There are a few places to eat but Orlando is full of fine restaurants so we decided to eat elsewhere but they have a restaurant on premises.

There is a very nice nature boardwalk through a Florida swampland where we were able to see and photograph some nice natural surroundings. They also do zip lining here over gator infested waters. They go as high as 350′ and a full length of 1200′ of line so if you enjoy that kind of excitement it will really enhance your visit. This park will take you all day to enjoy everything they offer and take note that some things require additional cash fees to participate in like feeding the turtles. There is only one ATM in the park so to save you some extra walking bring some cash with you here.

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