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González–Álvarez House (The Oldest House) St. Augustine

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With a construction history dating to about 1723, it is believed to be the oldest surviving house in the state of Florida. The house is now owned by the St. Augustine Historical Society and is open for public tours as part of the Oldest House Museum Complex. The land on which this house stands has been occupied since the 17th century. . The present house’s earliest period of construction dates to about 1723, when the first floor was built, and it was documented as being occupied by Tomás González y Hernández, an artilleryman at the Castillo de San Marcos, and his family. After the British took over Florida in 1763, the González family left for Cuba. In 1774 the house, then owned by Major Joseph Peavett, an Englishman, who added the wood-frame second story, and put glass windows into openings previously only enclosed by wooden shutters. It was further enlarged by the third owner, Geronimo Alvarez, who added a two-story wing built of coquina. 

There is a small museum on premises when you first enter which talks about the early Spanish settlements and also the English influence in the area. The museum contains many 17th century artifacts found on the grounds as well as other places. You can spend a lot of time reading about each item if that is your wish. The grounds outside of the house are beautifully landscaped and maintained, There are plenty of good photograph opportunities here.

The house itsself is in great condition for something nearly 300 years old. It looks and feels lived in as well as it is still completely furnished with antiques, many dating back to the 17th century. For only 10$ a person this place is a must see for everyone. It is a great learning experience so take your time and read about this amazing part of American history.

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