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Hellas Bakery & Greek Restaurant, Tarpon Springs

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Louis Yamonico

The Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs is a very nice place to spend the day. If you are looking to refuel there Hellas is probably the most famous and among the very best restaurants on the docks. They have been around and doing this for over 50 years and they do it right. What they serve is authentic Greek cuisine and pastries. Hellas Restaurant offers many appetizers and entrées that are passed down recipes of the Karterouliotis family. We took my mother along this time to enjoy the experience.

To start things off we ordered the Saganaki which is a flaming goat cheese appetizer brought to your table and set ablaze. OPAAA! the waitress yelled out and this is a popular item as you see those flames and hear that phrase many times throughout your meal. We could see why. While not a cheese lover, this was delicious especially around the edges. Also at $11.95 it is a reasonable priced appetizer and big enough to share. We also sampled the Avgolemono Soup which is a Greek egg and lemon soup with orzo pasta, served with fresh Greek bread. The lemon taste was strong but overall very good, On to the entrees.

For dinner I had the aesthetically pleasing fresh whole fish of the day which was a red snapper served in butter with lemon. This is an expensive dish and a huge portion even when I asked for a smaller fish. For value maybe this can be shared between two people if that is what you decide to order. I could not help being jealous of what mom ordered and I was able to try her Keftedes which is Greek style meatballs served with peas, potatoes, and wonderfully seasoned rice. This was absolutely delicious and I wish I had ordered it instead of the fish as much as I love seafood. Quennie ordered the Lamb shank which comes over spaghetti in a Greek style tomato sauce. This was also very good. Last time we were here we had the Salmon and that was delicious as well. The food is done right here and the atmosphere will take you to the Greek Islands. The place is decorated very nice.

Attached to the restaurant is a delightful Greek Bakery that also serves authentic Greek pastries. If you are still hungry after those large portion sizes or are just interested in some dessert give Hellas Bakery a try. They really have some delicious things here.

Overall we can see why this place is the most famous restaurant in the Sponge Docks. Better make reservations to avoid long lines especially on the weekends. Here is a link to their website complete with a menu: https://www.hellasbakery.com/

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