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IMAG History & Science Center, Ft. Myers

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Louis Yamonico

If you are in Ft. Myers and looking for something to do for a few hours look no further than IMAG History and Science Center. They have some really neat exhibits that we found very entertaining. You can listen to the original radio broadcasts from World War 2 like Roosevelt’s addressing the nation after Pearl Harbor or Winston Churchill’s famous their finest hour speech. As well as those things you can see parts of actual WW2 planes that crashed in battle and were recovered. There is a small aquarium and animal exhibit as well. One fish tank in particular is really neat with a large battleship inside. The animal lab features over 30 species of small reptiles and is nicely displayed. They even have a touch tank with some stingrays in it as you enter the main doors. They had some dinosaur and mammoth bones on display as well which was really neat including the skull of a T-Rex.

The thing that makes this place worth the price of admission is the upstairs exhibit which includes the amazing science globe. A sphere movie screen with many projectors shooting onto it allows it to change from Earth to Pluto. visitors can view and learn quite a bit using the control panel. Whether you’re curious about the ocean and its weather patterns or the far-off worlds beyond, This Sphere will help you explore the amazing world we live in. What I found particularly interesting was the earthquake documentation from 1901 to the year 2000. If you know the Bible, one of the signs of the last days Earthquakes in one place after another and this is sure proof. They also have a hurricane simulator that you can go inside and experience winds up to 80 MPH.

They were in the process of changing exhibits so we didn’t get to see them at their best but we still enjoyed our time here and felt it was worth the price of admission.

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