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Jungle Adventures, Christmas

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Louis Yamonico

I picked this place to see a live Florida Panther. The species has been endangered for many years and there are only around 500-600 known panthers left in Florida. It was sad to see this magnificent cat in such a small cage.

The park was a lot smaller then it appears on the website. They do have a variety of native Florida wildlife in captivity here, most in small cages and not in a natural environment type living area. If that sort of thing really bothers you, you may want to skip this place. What they do have is lots of Alligators. These are living in their natural environment. You will see plenty in the lake and also taking a stroll along the boardwalk which is surrounded by swampland. Some of these leviathans are huge! There are plenty of good photo opportunities here.

There is also a hands on wildlife encounter where you get to hold some of the smaller critters native to Florida like a baby gator, snake, and more. The women who ran this was very knowledgeable about these animals and the park. They also featured a Native American/Old Florida Village Enhanced Adventure. This was a little disappointing and the guide here seemed disinterested in talking about the place however she did give us a nice tip about visiting Ft. Christmas up the road. We did not stay for the riverboat experience that they have because the boat did not look well maintained, They sell a few drinks and snacks but not any real food here. They do have a picnic area though so it is best to bring your own food. Overall the park was alright but not worth the $28 entrance fee. This park will keep you entertained for about an hour or two. Here is a link to their website: https://www.jungleadventures.com/

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