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Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral

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Louis Yamonico

Well growing up with shows like Star Trek we really had to take a trip down to Cape Canaveral to visit the Kennedy Space Center. We really enjoyed our time here looking at and learning about NASA’s space exploration program. There really is a lot to do and see here. Although they charge a high price for admission there is really only one ride here which is the rocket launch simulator, which is a must do at the park. The line for this alone took about an hour to get through and the park is not very handicapped friendly.

We also enjoyed looking at all the retired rocket ships used in the space program. Also the astronaut hall of fame was very cool. There are many 3d films to see in theaters around the park. There are a few places to eat in the park and we ate at the Orbit café. It is a fast food type cafeteria style restaurant and the food is pretty good and fairly priced. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at the park so no need stopping before you go. The trip was both fun and educational. This is a must see for people visiting Florida or residing here. This activity will take a full day and you may not see everything.

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