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North Central Florida
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Louis Yamonico

In between the two parks we visited and all the walking we did we were famished. Latinos Y Mas was recommended to us by a young man working in Silver Springs and after reading many positive reviews we decided to try it out. It’s a Latin fusion restaurant and serves many Colombian dishes. I have never eaten Columbian food so I was excited to try some.

The meal started off with some complimentary chips and salsa which was good because I was looking for that on the menu to order some. Unfortunately the waitress forgot our salad. I think I will stop telling our waitresses that we are reviewing the restaurant before we eat because I think we made her nervous. For dinner I had a very popular Columbian dish called a Bandeja Paisa. It was a ton of food for $20. A thin piece of sirloin steak was the featured part and it came with an egg over rice, sweet plantains, a sausage, red beans, avocado, arepa, and a fried pork skin. It was all very good. Quennie ordered a chicken dish with some delicious sauce on it. I can’t find it on the online menu so maybe it’s a new dish. Overall we enjoyed the place. Here’s a link to their website with their menu: latinosymas.com

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