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Ringling Museum, Sarasota

Northwest Florida
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Louis Yamonico

So far this beautiful museum is our favorite destination in Florida. The grounds are very large and the landscaping is wonderful. A rose garden and other gardens are well maintained. Beautiful sculptures litter the property as well the highlight of these being a casting of the statue of David by Michael* Angelo. There’s even a playground for kids. and a Circus area where children and even adults can try their circus skills out on things like tight rope walking.

The mansion where the Ringlings’ lived is fantastic with beautiful views of the water and everywhere you look has magnificent architecture. They didn’t spare expense building this wonderful structure. A highlight here is the multi colored stained glass windows looking out over the beautifully constructed rear patio and onto the gulf. Many of the original household items remain inside here as well and you can see what an extravagant lifestyle that they lived.

The art galleries are a sight to behold with many old artwork from all over the world. We especially enjoyed the European galleries and these seemed to be the oldest of the collection. Mr. Ringling travelled all over collecting artwork as he was an avid lover of art. Also the historical circus items and models are very interesting and educational. There is also a restaurant on premises but we ended up deciding to go somewhere else. The main art museum is also free on Mondays per the late Mr. Ringling.

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