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Salvatore Dali Museum, St Petersburgh

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Louis Yamonico

This is one of our favorite places we have been in Florida. There is a wonderful outside garden which has some great picture opportunities. The architecture of the building is really nice with the glass bubbling off the side. A lot of interesting nooks and crannies to see if you really look closely.

They play a movie about Salvatore Dali in a cinema inside which we found very interesting. It really goes into great detail about the artists life and his style of artwork. We really learned a lot about the man behind the mustache here. At the time we went they had another artist gallery besides the Dali one and this is often changed out, so the museum always has new things to see. The Artist they were featuring was alright. It pays to keep updated on who they are featuring in this second gallery. The main prize of the day was seeing the vast amount of Dali works they had on display here. I really love his style of painting. There is so much to see in each one of his works. You can really spend the whole day here looking at the magnificent display of colors and craftsmanship in Dali’s paintings.

If you are a fan of surrealism art this is a must see because Dali is a master at it.

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