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Siegfried’s German Restaurant, Sarasota

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Louis Yamonico

I once lived in Germany for 3 years and really missed some of the authentic German cuisine I enjoyed while I was there. Siegfried’s German restaurant took me back to those awesome flavors I had been longing to taste again.

Me and Quennie both had the Weiner schnitzel pork and that came with a side of delicious roasted potatoes and a cucumber salad. In Germany when I was there, they had already banned veal, so they used pork instead. Although I prefer veal, I wanted the food I had in Germany, so we went with pork. We also ordered a side of Spätzle and Bratwurst because I wanted my wife to experience them. Everything was delicious! It tasted exactly like the food I remember getting in Germany. The schnitzel was perfectly cooked with a nice crust and moist inside. It was very flavorful. My favorite thing in German cuisine in Spätzle and this was the best I ever tasted. For those who do not know this is a pasta served with melted butter and here they topped it with some crispy fried onions which was a perfect addition. I didn’t care too much for the cucumber salad but that was the only negative here I could find. The bratwurst was the kind we used to get on sandwiches when out late at night in Germany after the bars closed. The food here is top notch.

There are no soft drinks here, just German beer and wine. My recommendation is trying the Paulaner Hefeweizen which is my all-time favorite beer. We will certainly be back the next time we are exploring in the Sarasota area. If you want to try this place, make sure to make reservations as the dining area is small.

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