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Silver Springs State Park, Silver Spring

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Louis Yamonico

Before the mouse came to Florida this immense park was the state’s biggest attraction. The famous glass bottom boat tour is a must for first time visitors. Our boat captain was very knowledgeable and told us all about the park. Many movies and television shows were filmed here. From Sean Connery’s James Bond to Lloyd Bridges big time Hollywood stars have filmed here.

The waters are crystal clear and you can easily see the bottom of the river some thirty feet deep below in some places. The park is a wonderful place to go kayaking or paddle boarding and all day rental fees are reasonably priced. The grounds are really nice for hiking as well. The boardwalk is short but you can do some monkey watching there. Monkeys in Florida? I’ll let the boat captain tell you that story. Unfortunately the museum was having some construction done so we didn’t get to see it. We spent quite a few hours here and we’re unable to see everything. Here’s a link to their website for more information: silversprings.com

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