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Sponge Docks, Tarpon Springs

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Louis Yamonico

The legendary Sponge Docks of Tarpon springs is a great place to spend a day. This is an old Greek community located on the west coast of Florida. There is plenty to do here including: The actual Sponge Docks, plenty of Greek Restaurants, Bakeries, Attractions, Natural Sponges, Sponge Diving, Tours, Sightseeing Cruises, Live Entertainment and tons of shopping.

The first store you see on the strip is the Sponge Factory. You can go inside here and watch a free movie on the history of the Sponge Docks as well as shop for souvenirs and sponges. We were told by a local shop owner that Hellas was the best restaurant around and we weren’t disappointed. See their own post coming soon. They often have festivals here along the strip if you like that sort of thing you can watch for them. My personal favorite shop was inside a small mall that sold old rock records and memorabilia. This is a place you can enjoy coming back to over and over. You can spend a whole day here especially if you enjoy shopping. Here is a link to their website: https://spongedocks.net/

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