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Louis Yamonico

5/7,8/24 So we got a 3 day two park pass as our anniversary present from my mother. We want to share our experience with you. First the main park Universal Studios. We went on a Tuesday and Wednesday so we really enjoyed the park. The lines for the rides were minimal and we didn’t wait over 30 minutes for any rides. We stuck to the virtual rides as Quennie is afraid of roller coasters but there are 3 of those here to enjoy if that is your thing.

My personal favorite ride of this park was the Transformers. It was neat to see my old childhood toys come to life in amazing 3D virtual reality. It was a wild ride through a city in the middle of a battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. The #d effects are top notch and it feels you are really part of the action. This ride along with others here have quick movements and at times high speeds. Although you move through the ride and sometimes spin the effects make you feel like you are going high speeds at times.

Other virtual rides we enjoyed include the Simpsons, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Fast and the Furious, Men in Black Alien Attack. All were very enjoyable and there are more if you want to indulge yourself. It is impossible to do everything in one day at this park.

Those are just some of the virtual rides but there are so many more sites to see throughout the park like enjoying a roadside show of the Blues Brothers and meeting Scooby and Shaggy as well as many other Universal characters and attractions.

We did eat at Mel’s Dinner and the burgers and shakes were delicious. Be prepared to pay premium prices for food and drinks throughout the park though as well as 30$ just to park. Things like this is why the park does not get a 5 star rating from me.

The highlight of the time we spent at this park was the Bourne Stuntacular. This was a pretty amazing show of life stunts and special effects as you follow Jason Bourse through a high speed adventure. The interchanging set itself was amazing and exciting. Don’t miss it!

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