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Brian’s Place, Spring Hill

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Louis Yamonico

Fine dining right here in Spring Hill? It is possible thanks to chef Brian Alvarez who’s Cuban and Italian heritage along with classic French trained technique give a unique view and taste in the food world. The restaurant is a Latin and Italian fusion and his flavor profile is for sure unique. He is a graduate of the Florida Culinary Institute of Palm Beach and has been working in the food industry perfecting his craft for a long time. On top of this we met Brian when we entered into his establishment and we were treated like royalty. He is a really nice guy.

So when we go to restaurant there are a few things we look for before we declare a place a Hot Spot. First and foremost is flavor, then a place needs to have a good atmosphere and be appealing warm and inviting. We also look for good service and a very important aspect is presentation. Brian’s place checks all these off wonderfully, There is outdoor dining in back with a beautiful view for those who enjoy eating outside and a great mixologist who prepared our sangrias on hand in a nice cozy bar area. This is the top restaurant in the area so if you find yourself around Hernando beach don’t miss it.

For an appetizer we tried the Tostones with fresh crab meat. The crisp shells paired nicely with a generous portion of succulent crab and the garlic asiago cream was a nice touch making this appetizer a winner. There’s also some complimentary fresh and beautifully seasoned bread that really hits the spot. Dinner also comes with a choice of house or Caesar salad which was really nice. As this was not my first time eating here I let my wife get Brian’s signature dish as her entre which is the Grouper with Plantains 3 Ways. The artistic presentation of an original dish will make you want to display it in your house and not ruin it, but hunger prevailed and the flavors do the looks justice. The savory dish is top notch and I highly recommend trying it for first timers here. I went a different path as Brian had told me about the unique way he prepared his Marsala sauce and as one of my personal specialties when I used to work as a chef I had to try it. I really enjoyed the rich flavors his method produced and the portion sizes here are generous so bring an appetite and be sure to reserve a table ahead of time just in case. Here is a link to their website for the menu and other information: https://www.briansonthebeach.com/

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